52 GBP
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52 GBP
Only fully licenced taxis and licenced Private hire can subscribe to If you do not have your local authority licence number you cannot Subscribe to

If you are fully licenced then a 1 Year entry on io-io Taxi, is only £1 a week, that’s just £52 per year. (This is my start-up price structure) You can't get any cheaper than that and hopefully io-io will go some way to counter the 'uber and the newer 'Bla Bla Car' Taxi app's is not an App so will not require a download and sign up process by a customer.

I have already put some  firms on io-io, along with their taxi numbers but these numbers are only displayed temporarily and the numbers will be removed if you have not claimed your entry by 1st September 2015. But if you buy in now renewal will not occure until  September 2016

Some pubs in Bangor have already signed up to io-io and got the io-io sign up in their bars and all that’s needed by someone who needs a taxi is to; on their mobile, tap the taxi section to go to their location and then another tap on the phone icon and they will automatically phone a taxi firm. For the first year, the first to buy their entry are higher up on the list but from year 2 the list will be randomised for fairness, and an even distribution of customers.

Taxi entries are shown when people click on the Find A Taxi button, and the Find a Taxi buttons are placed on
1. The main Page to directly access a taxi number.
2. Pubs and Clubs Section so when people want a Taxi to move about town, you are there available on their mobile.
3. In time it will be integrated fully into the site. (Tourist Attractions and hotels sections, Working on them)

The Find the Taxi buttons will be scattered through the io-io site and will bring up taxi firms in the area that visitors/clients/customers are viewing.

When io-io is more established, it will become a site to quickly find anything, and surfers will become more aware of the functionality of the site, and importantly io-io works on PC's, Laptops and Mobile Phones, without a need to download an App.

When on their mobile out and about, io-io’ers’ can call directly from the number given on screen, by simply tapping the phone icon. (Neat little trick that...)

Includes Sections for:
• Type of Service
• Booking line number
• Booking e-mail address
• Operation Times
• Seating capacity
• Cost per mile section
• Meter start rate
• Driver gender Mix
• Taxi Licence number (Local Authority granted) and it must be shown.
• General Information

Affordability:- The £1 per week fee is small enough that if you operate from two or more areas it’s still affordable to buy multiple entries. It’s still cheaper than advertising the ‘Old Fashioned Way’ or on the ‘pink sheet’ and io-io will go some way to counter the 'Uber’ and then newer ‘Bla Bla Car’ Taxi apps'

Note: People tell me that I am too cheap, and potential customers will think that my service is not a good one, and that you pay for quality. BUT I say “Yes I could charge £365 a year for it, but there is no need to do that as a £1 a week is at the moment reasonable”. has a social and ethical philosophy, Keep it local and Fair play and affordability, which I am going to stick to, that’s the io-io way.

As becomes more visible in Shops, Pubs and Clubs and eating out places (There are 10 other sections on io-io so far) people will remember io-io wherever they are and will make use of io-io for everything.
Remember:- is not restricted to a specific area, it's local, but at the same time National so people coming into an area will already be aware of how to get a taxi thru io-io.