Music Festivals

500 GBP
Music Festivals
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Music Festivals

500 GBP

Music Section:-  Festivals

(Sorry this item is excluded from the introductorry offer, it would draw 10,000's of visitors to the site and push up costs for everyone)

·         Buy a one off entry into  Festival Section for £500

·         This is for the duration of the entry, but no longer than 6 months from the date of entry.  If you need it for longer send an email

  • A Festival entry in the community based searchable database giving you a presence on the fastest growing Website of its kind. updatable as many times as you like. You can change it daily if you want to.

·         Contact Details

·         Mini Statement like a tweet, your motto.

·         Festival  Logo/emblem

·         Festival  Banner

·         Festival details 10,000 characters. You can use HTML codes to make it look any way you like, with links to external sites (No scripts) BUT I wouldn't use all 10,000 characters for the description as on a mobile phone it would scroll for miles, so not recommended.

·         Location of festival, type of festival, name of festival, ticket costs, capacity, camping info, start date- end date, how many days.

·         The line-up. This year, and last year’s line-up if you had one. Or use for next concert dates?

·         You tube link. If you have a video of last year’s festival on you tube, or any other cloud video storage website i.e.  link it to this icon.

·         External website sections (graphical) to link to your website or ticketing location.

·         Musical influences section. The type of music played at the festival.

·         10 festival photos / graphics.

Link to your:-

·         Facebook Page,

·         Your website if you have one .

·         Google Map locator.  Enter the location address so people can find it on google Map (instruction on how, is included in the help logo in the form file that you fill in for your entry.