Community Groups

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Community Groups
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Community Groups

26 GBP

Community groups are groups that benefit the community, that provide help, advice, information or service. If you are a community group that is Free or charges a small token fee but have never made a profit, then you are welcome to apply for a free entry.

For a free entry Go to and fill in the online form.

If your community group makes you money, as in profit then suggests that you either buy an entry or consider if your group fits the criteria of joining the Activities section which will attract more business.

io-io is just starting up March 1st 2014 and I have calculated that at the moment I can afford to offer about 50 not for profit community groups free of charge entries. (But the more popular becomes the more I can sponsor) so the first 50 are timely…….. So, sign up quick. Also if all the free spaces are gone, you can earn yourself a free entry and make some money for your group by signing up local businesses to For any 2 local independent businesses (Not Nationals or larger chains) you get to subscribe to - you get  a free entry , so the more you can sign up the longer you can have an entry. When out of "Introductory offer mode" io-io will be able to pay your group for signing up businesses. will only pay money into your groups Bank account through a bank transfer.

If all the free entries have gone and before you buy an entry think on this one:-

Sponsors link:- Get funding from a local business and you can put their logo on your page, that will have a link to their own business website or their entry. Anyone can sponsor you as long as they are local independent family run businesses.  Or you can Buy 1 year subscription to Community Groups.

  • That’s just 50p a Week.
  • A Community Group entry in the community based searchable database giving you a presence on the fastest growing Website of its kind

· Updatable as many times as you like, you can change it daily if you want to.

· Group details: address, group contact telephone number, the type of group you are, operating times.

· Mini statement box it’s like a twitter, for your one line statement.

· Text Box that can be used for information about the group history, who you are, or how you came about, your function or for anything that you can think of, what you put into it is up to you.  Maybe a link to your just giving fundraising page.

· Photos Section (Use to display photos of your group activities, or group photos, or up and coming events poster, whatever use you can think of really. Currently you have 4 photos and a logo, the more popular becomes the more photos you can have).

· Meeting venue address, or location of your group’s main activity.

· Next event, next venue address, date and time for any events that you may have coming up, or your daily drop-in times.

· 4 text boxes that can be used for anything, that expand to accommodate what you put in them.

Link to your:-

· Facebook Page,

· Your website if you have one

· Google Map locator.

· Sponsors link:- Get funding from a business or organisation and you can put their logo in this box, that will have a link to their own website.