BAND Section 1 year subscription

52 GBP
BAND Section 1 year subscription
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BAND Section 1 year subscription

52 GBP

Music Section BANDS

·         Buy 1 year subscription to Bands Section

  • That’s just £1 a Week
  • A Band entry in the community based searchable database giving you a presence on the fastest growing Website of its kind

·         Updatable as many times as you like, You can change it daily if you want to.

·         Mini Statement like a tweet, your bands motto.

·         Band Logo/emblem

·         Band Banner

·         You tube link. If you have a video of your band on you tube, or any other cloud video storage website i.e.  

·         5 sections (graphical) to link to sound clips or songs stored on any sound storage cloud service like sound cloud, or more videos if you have them.

·         BIG Text Box 3000 characters that can be used for information about the band or for anything that you can think of. You can customise this box with HTML code to make it unique to your expression. What you put into it is up to you, maybe a bit about how to buy your CD’s?

·         The type of music you play

·         Musical influences section

·         Next Gig section for your next two up and coming gigs. The venue, date, time. You can change as often as you like daily, weekly, monthly)

·         A section about your availability for sessions, party’s weddings.

·         4 photos of the Band, doing your stuff.

·         Album covers.  Up to 4 album covers can be displayed at one time (No album covers? Can be used for any kind of graphic)

·         Band Members. Section to profile up to 8 group members, with photos.

Link to your:-

·         Facebook Page,

·         Your website if you have one

·         Google Map locator.  You can change this for the next gig locator if you want to (instruction on how is included in the help in the form file that you fill in for your entry.