Art Gallery 1 year subscription

104 GBP
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Art Gallery 1 year subscription

104 GBP

·        Art Gallery 1 year subscription.  The Introductory offer and a thank you for joining earlly:- All you pay is £104 (£2 a week) with no hidden or extra fees whatsoever. (Normally fully price will be £5 a week)

The io-io Art Gallery is a space designed to show off all your artwork to its fullest. The io-io gallery can be used to just display your work or to sell it online and get paid through PayPal. You can leave the piece in your gallery after the sale for display purposes if you would like to, up to 50 items.

All items in your Gallery must be all your own work. You can have up to 50 pieces of work at any one time. If enough join the Art Gallery then this number could increase.

io-io is not involved in any way with the sale transaction, and unlike most galleries, io-io does not take any commission fee.

Included sections

The Art CV Section, for you to inform your buyers of your artistic endeavours and history, and your exhibition history if you have one. Your details; Country and Place of Birth.

Your own unique ID number to pass on to interested parties so they can go directly to your entry to view your work and hopefully buy some of it..

Your own section to display all your artwork with  full details about the piece of work and a “buy it” button to go to the buy it section with details about the status of the work, cost,  VAT if any and postage charge. You can set the postage and V.A.T. (If Applicable) from within io-io or you can set them in PayPal

4 Sections:- Medium,  Style, Theme, and Category so visitors can see all io-io artists in one place. Through these sections you are exposed to a much wider audience than you would locally, with your artwork shown along with everyone else’s.

ALL you need  to do to maintain your entry  after you set it up  is to  keep an eye out for an e-mail from PayPal notifying you of a sale and to change the status of the work from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’ or ‘Display Only’ and remove the price (This avoids  the possibility of multiple sales. (If you have a smartphone you can access and change your account details on the mobile phone if you are out and about)