1 year subscription to Activities

104 GBP
1 year  subscription to Activities
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1 year subscription to Activities

104 GBP

·         1 year  subscription to Activities £104

·         That’s just £2 a week

·         An Activities  entry in the community based searchable database giving you a presence on the fastest growing Website of its kind

·         Updatable as many times as you like. You are in control and can change it daily if you want to.

·         Activity Details: Address, telephone number, the type of Activity, time(s) of the activity

·         A text box for a short description of the Activity.

·         Text box that can be used for the main statement about the activity.

·         Text box for information about you and your activity or for anything else you can think of, what you put into it is up to you.  There are 5 text boxes and one logo box.

It’s up to you what you put into the boxes, but follow the guidelines on the input form. Some have titles like information and time. You can change and add as often as you like daily, weekly if you need to.

·         The more you use the information system (The form)  the more it will get better as you get to know your entry.

·         Link to your Facebook Page

·         Link to your website if you have one

·         E-mail contact hidden in link to stop spammers getting at it.

·         Google map locator so people can easily find the location of the activity

·         You can have 10 photos of your activity running down the side of your entry. Changeable as often as you like. (Keep to size guidelines 500kb per photo )

Have a look at the example entry for ideas of what to put in your advert/entry