1 Year subscription to io-io Trades

52 GBP
1 Year subscription to io-io Trades
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1 Year subscription to io-io Trades

52 GBP

·         1 year subscription to Trade  £52 all in.

·         That’s just £1 a Week ( NO additional fees )

·         A Trade entry in the community-based searchable database giving you a presence on the fastest growing Website of its kind.

·         Updatable as many times as you like. You can change it daily if you want to.

·         Your Trade Details: Address, telephone number, the type of Trade you are, operating times.

·         A text box for a one-line description, your motto.

·         Textbox that can be used for the types of jobs that you can undertake.

·         Textbox for information about you and your trade or for anything else you can think of, what you put into it is up to you.

·         Certification and qualification section: So as to list any and all your qualification relating to your trade. It’s up to you what you put into them. You can change and add as often as you like daily, weekly.

·         Working hours times you decide and you can change it without any hassle.

·          Emergency cover box. Do you offer 24/7 cover? Yes or No?  You can change this in a minute so if you decide not to offer a 24-hour cover, just change it.

·        Telephone number

·        Link to your Facebook Page, (optional)

·         Your website if you have one  (optional)

·         E-mail contact (optional)